Colombia Cruise Travel

Colombia with its two different oceans, two deserts, pure nature in the Amazon region, numerous mountain ranges, its lost city, the still intact Indian villages, great coffee from the coffee zone, the highest palmtrees in the world, modern cities, ... make it is possible to enjoy the sun, sea & beach, extreme sports such as rafting, canopy, torrentismo, hiking, biking, paragliding, hiking ... in the 56 national parks (where “El Cocuy” is one of the top destinations) or learn more of the pre -Colombian cultures in San Agustín and the historic city of Cartagena (with its "Castillo San Felipe de Barajas”) for example.

“What I find the most amazing thing in Colombia is that the country offers something for everyone. For young and old and for every type of traveler. I also think it is wonderful to be able to surf on the Caribbean coast with snow peaks on the background! And above all that planning a barbeque NEVER fells in the water because of the endless summer phenomenon!” says Belgian Inge Swinnen, creator of Colombia Fácil

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